The Iler Method

Iler Method® is massage that uses trigger point therapy to treat pain. Contact us now to schedule a discovery session.

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What clients say

"David (founder) has helped me recover from a year-long battle w glute & hamstring pain that failed to improve w other treatments. I look forward to every session knowing it will help me stay active and regain my endurance—he explained his approach in great detail & results are just what he told me to expect. Despite my medical knowledge as a neurologist I couldn’t find a solution for this until I started working w David. I highly recommend his care."

Karen Keough, Iler Method Client

What we offer

Bodywork based on your unique pain issues.

We don’t massage your whole body in one session. We work on the areas that will provide you the most relief in the least number of sessions. We’ll assess your pain and create a treatment plan that gets you back to enjoying the things you love.

  • 60-minute sessions
  • Specialized techniques that don't require oil/lotion
  • You stay dressed: Please arrive in comfortable clothing or sportswear
  • We work on your pain areas to get you the most relief in the least number of sessions

How does it work

10 sessions to discover, treat and educate.

Initial assessment

We discover which muscles are overcompensating and causing you pain. Then we develop a treatment plan to systematically release trigger points and adhesions in those areas to release tightness and stress and alleviate pain. Getting you from treatment to maintenance usually takes about 10 sessions.


We begin treatment on the local pain area and gradually expand each subsequent session to work on the rest of the overcompensated muscles in your body. Over an estimated 10 sessions, you go from treatment to maintenance.


As clients advance through treatment, they are provided with further instruction for self-care at home. This guidance covers best practices with trigger point tools and heat and ice protocols. In addition, we give recommendations of how to prevent new injuries.


Discovery Session

One, 75-minute session that includes:

  • Initial intake
  • Walking assessment
  • Discovery of muscles in overcompensation
  • Massage treatment (50 min)
  • Recommendations for long-term treatment
  • HSA and FSA accepted
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10 Session plan

Our approach is customized for every client. We set pricing after assessing the severity and history of your condition during our discovery session. The Iler Method® features a tailored treatment plan of ten sessions to address your health needs and goals.

  • Ten, 60-minute sessions over twelve weeks of treatment
  • Discovery session is the first session
  • Begins with bodywork focused on the local pain area
  • During subsequent sessions, bodywork expands gradually to include the rest of the overcompensated muscles in the body
$1850 - $2150
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We recommend one appointment every 2 to 4 weeks for clients who have completed the 10-session treatment plan and want to maintain their progress. During these sessions, any new issues can also be assessed and treated.

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Client testimonials

Avg 4.9

“I went to see David for multiple injuries, including my ankle and my right knee. After the 5th session, I experienced significant relief - free from pain and noticeable improvement in mobility. David is very knowledgeable. I liked how he took the time to assess the muscles causing my pain and aggravating my injuries. I highly recommend David if you are looking for specialized trigger point massage therapy. His skills and effective approach make a substantial difference.”

Ana Maria Freide

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“I've had low back pain for the majority of my adult life. To fix this I've tried everything from physical therapy, acupuncture, dry needling, etc. and nothing had addressed the source of the problem. With David's extensive knowledge of the body, he has been able to pinpoint specific muscles that are contributing to my pain and has provided tremendous relief. After two months, I'm feeling better than I've felt in many years! David adapts his process to meet my needs and this allows me to be even more in tune with my body to help determine focus areas for each session. I'm very fortunate to have gotten in contact with David and look forward to continue working with him in the future!”

Nathan Frohman

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“David treats multiple types of pain (TMJ, tension headaches, lower back injuries, thoracic outlet syndrome, etc.). He doesn't do your typical massage therapy. If the root cause is muscular pain, he can fix it. (If you don't know if it's muscular, try him out; you may be surprised)”

Angel Trieu

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