Learn the method that allows you to be more efficient and effective in your practice.

Iler Method is trigger point therapy that gives you a roadmap for bodywork to more efficiently and effectively treat muscle pain.

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What Makes the Iler Method Different?

A Roadmap to Treat Pain

The Iler Method allows therapists to understand where they should begin bodywork based on each client’s individual pain issues.

Treatment Takes Place Over Ten Weeks

Iler Method clients understand that chronic pain doesn't resolve in one session. Typical clients buy a 10-session program. Which allows for a more beneficial therapeutic relationship with more client feedback.

No oil means less time cleaning and laundering

Iler Method® doesn’t use effleurage or petrassage so there is no need for oil. This makes it easier to clean up after sessions which means therapists can see more clients. No oil also means clients don’t have to shower after and they can better fit appointments into their schedules.

No music means better client-therapist communication.

Given that the Iler Method is designed for pain treatment rather than relaxation, playing music is not a necessary component. When clients listen to music, they often zone out and lose awareness of their bodies. They miss the ability to observe gradual changes in their tissue. No music makes the environment more conducive to sharing, teaching and communication between therapist and client. Therapists are more likely to receive valuable client feedback.

Not in the dark

The goal of Iler Method is pain relief, not relaxation, there’s no need to be in a dimly-lit room. This means the therapist can remain more alert and attuned to clients. Clients can remain awake and more attuned to their bodies to provide important feedback to the therapist.

Clients remain dressed.

Because there’s no oil used, clients can remain dressed during sessions. Clients are instructed to wear comfortable clothing. They feel less vulnerable and more free to move or adjust on the table. No Top Sheet — The elimination of a top sheet reduces the use of linens, resulting in saving time, money and natural resources.

Traditional massage school in the West teaches us deep tissue and Eastern massage philosophies and techniques.

This means that:

  • Therapists often only see clients one time while most chronic pain issues don’t clear up in one session.
  • The therapist can only learn which muscles are tight by way of palpation rather than having a strategy ahead of time for where to begin bodywork.
  • Therapists generally do the same pattern of bodywork over every client’s body which means they work on the whole body each session, which is an inefficient use of time.
  • The traditional massage strokes therapists are taught were designed to help clients go into deeper states of relaxation which limits important client feedback during sessions.

“My time learning the Iler Method with David was the most impactful experience of my massage career. He provided a concise curriculum and expert hands-on guidance to improve my practice. What makes David's approach stand out is the efficiency and effectiveness of his techniques compared to other massage therapy modalities. His theories and practices offer a clear roadmap of where and how to work with clients to relieve their pain. If you want to stand out from the crowd as an LMT, I can't recommend his course enough.”

Kyle Thayer, Former Iler Method therapist student

“I started out initially with David Iler as a client. He helped me immensely and was instrumental in my recovery after thoracic outlet surgery. He is truly an expert body worker. At the time, I was also a massage therapist just starting out. I was lucky enough to then work with David as student as well as an employee. David is an excellent teacher. He is very knowledgeable and has a relaxed teaching style and an open/accepting attitude. Learning and practicing the Iler Method quickly accelerated my growth as a massage therapist, improving my understanding of body mechanics, technique, as well as therapeutic presence and rapport with clients. It was a great and rewarding experience. Thanks David!”

Daniel Plastino, Former Iler Method therapist student

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